Little Inventors

National Trust - Mischief and Mayhem


You took inspiration from the mischievous Delevals' and came up with hilarious prank-tastic inventions!

We received so many great invention ideas that created mischief and mayhem and that you would like to find in one of the rooms - the ideas were so fun and bonkers! Like all the best pranks, they were also fun for the person who was being surprised or tricked too.

Several ideas were brought to life by professional makers and the winners got a Little Inventors book!

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NT Seaton Delaval Hall: Mischief and Mayhem Resource Pack

This pack explains about the fun history of mischief and mayhem at Seaton Delaval Hall, what inventing is and has you all you need to deliver a workshop to get your students inspired and inventing.

Mischief and Mayhem drawing sheet

Create mischief and mayhem with your own fun invention, tell us about it using this drawing sheet.